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See what Goplay can do for you

Goplay offer a wide range of services to assist and support you with your playground purchase.

These range from the initial stages where we will happily provide advice and help you find the right location, to full periodic maintenance and subsequent refurbishment or redevelopment for a new look in years to come.




Goplay offers a wide variety of spare parts and maintenance options.

We are able to supply parts for and provide maintenance on play systems from most other suppliers - including (but not limited to):

  • Megatoy

  • Ausplay

  • The One Stop Playground Shop

  • Galloway

  • Omnitech


If your playground is in need of replacement parts, Goplay can help you identify and replace the parts to help you get your equipment back in working order. Simply snap a photo of the entire part that needs replacing (not just the damaged section) and email it through to us at info@goplay.net.au and we'll identify the item and contact you with available options for replacement.



To assist with any of your play equipment requirements, Goplay offers a full ‘RRR’ service:



Goplay is able to repair and service play systems from most suppliers. If you require repairs to your play area, simply give us a call on 03 9308 1800 or take a photo of the problem and email to repairs@goplay.net.au for quick results.



Goplay can replace faded or old plastics then add ‘wow’ by fitting new and updated play accessories. There is every chance that for less than half the price of a new play structure Goplay will be able to give your mature play equipment new visual appeal and interest. We can even add weather resistant panels for added protection from the elements.


Unfortunately all good things do come to an end and when that happens, there is only one economic option - to replace the old, aged, tired play equipment. The new, updated play structure can be made to take less floor space, less rubber surfacing, soar taller and be much more exciting.

Repair your existing playground equipment
Refurbish & add to your existing playground equipment
Replace your existing playground equipment with one of our new and innovative designs
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Here at Goplay, we believe that a playground should be tailored to suit a site's specific requirements in order to provide the most useful and profitable result. That's why we offer a comprehensive, custom design service at no extra charge!


It all starts with a site visit from one of our experienced sales staff. They'll help you find the optimal position for your playground equipment within your venue. They'll measure up your site, and then our design team will work to create an equipment design to suit your requirements from venue capacity, to budget.


Our 3D renderings and detailed plans will help you to visualise how your playground will look and fit in your venue, and allow you to see details such as colour schemes, equipment features and any required safety zones to keep your playground safe and compliant.


If you're interested in getting your playground design under way, contact Goplay today