Adventure World

Cute 'n' Cuddly

She’s the little sister you always wanted. She’s cute and cuddly and you just want to wrap her up in a blanket fresh from the dryer. This little sweetie is magical and wonderous and heads off on an adventure day dreaming for hours. 

Adventure world is full of fantasy with interactive panels and imaginative towers and accessories. Our arched entry panels are great for kids to recognize where they can enter and exit. Although they may see it as where parents can go no further. Stand watch Mum, we’re going in!

Our playgrounds have so many activities, pods, slides and climbers to play on surely you wouldn’t even think about climbing the equipment! But... Just in case some cheeky chickens show up, we ensure our playgrounds have no climbing points to keep them safe!

This is our Goplay baby and you can colour her however you like! Keep it neutral and use natural tones, or create a candy world and do rainbow! Want a water world at yours? We have a range of blues and greens and teals!

You can find an Adventure World playground at your local Bunnings Hardware store! Goplay are also playground suppliers for restaurants, hospitals, day care center's, camping grounds, resorts, sports clubs, RSL clubs, zoo’s, retirement village’s, retail stores, shopping centre's, pubs, schools and food chains. You can view our latest installs here

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