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Thinking about a playground? We know there can be a lot of questions. Here you'll find answers to the questions we're asked most frequently. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please feel free to contact us for a friendly, no-obligation chat.
How do I know if I need a playground?

If your venue has a number of children present, young or old, then yes, you probably do.You are really the only person who can answer this question. This information has been designed to assist you in making a more informed decision.

What would play equipment do for my business?

Play equipment will enable you to expand or maintain your customer base, create new marketing opportunities, provide fewer lean periods during trading times and make your customers more relaxed. Any of these changes should result in a positive fi nancial change as well.

How do I know if there's room at my venue?

Goplay has installed play equipment every where; inside, outside, inside to outside, over gardens, over footpaths and driveways. No matter how limited your space, we can make it happen.

Where is the best location for my playground?

The equipment needs to be located carefully to achieve the best results for you and your customers. While we can visit your site and explain where it should be located and why; the final decision is still yours.

Is all play equipment the same?

No. Some styles of play equipment require an expensive safety surface underneath when used inside or outside. We can offer a well proven and varied contained play system that can be located anywhere without the need for a full safety surface.

How much play equipment do I need & how much do I have to spend?
You need to ask yourself these two questions:
1. Do I need play equipment just to show there is some in the venue?
If the answer is yes, simply count the number of children in your venue on a regular busy day and multiply that number by AUD$2,000 to get an approximate budget.
2. Do I want play equipment that will enhance my business, provide a means to grow the business, improve the operation of the business, allow for more promotion possibilities and have a marketing tool that can directly show a return on my investment?
If your answer is yes, then your starting budget should be AUD $40,000 to $50,000. Size does matter.
Do children using the play equipment generate noise?
They can, but how noticeable this is depends on the type of equipment and also its location. ‘Play rooms’ or play equipment located outside are the most effective ways of controlling noise.
Does the playground need to be supervised?
Fully supervised, no, but there needs to be a level of general supervision or awareness of the activity in and around the play equipment. Locating the equipment in view of staff or parents or even using a camera in the play area will assist with supervision, especially at very busy times.
Will my insurance be affected?
This depends on your insurance company; however there is separate insurance cover available if your current insurance company declines.
Will the equipment require maintenance?
We design our playgrounds to require very little maintenance. Routine checks to make sure that everything is in good working order are generally all that is required. A handy checklist will be provided for you during installation for your future reference. If you do want us to check the equipment for you though, we can arrange that at any time.

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