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Adventure World


Our flexible, modular, user-friendly play system

The Adventure World range of playground equipment has proven to be the most adaptable, flexible and user friendly equipment in the commercial play industry. Originally designed for use in food chain restaurants, it has taken on many more forms to provide some unique play attractions and opportunities.


When correctly designed and positioned, this playground equipment offers the owner/operator a stress free child entertainment facility which requires virtually no maintenance or repair with normal use.


The size of the module restricts overly exuberant activity by older children allowing the younger ones a comfortable play experience without the risk of being excluded or pushed aside. However, it does allow good access for adults when necessary.


With our Adventure World playground equipment, we take a different approach to safety than most other playground suppliers. We install each Adventure World unit as a fully contained structure, meaning that children access the playground only through designated entry/exit points. This means the children can’t climb on the outside of the equipment, which negates the need for expensive safety surfacing and reduces the number of accidents.



The Adventure World equipment is suited to almost any venue you can think of, but this range of playground equipment is especially well suited for hospitality venues such as pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants and fast food chains.



We know that space is at a premium these days, so you may not have an obvious area available for a playground. However, after more than 25 years in the play industry, we have never come across a site that we couldn’t work with – whether this requires putting the playground through a window, in the rafters or off a balcony.