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Adventure Wave


Our uniquely shaped, high-visibility play system

With over 2 years of design study and consultation with venue operators, materials specialists and safety consultants both locally and overseas, the Goplay Adventure Wave range is the Next Generation of playground equipment.


With the initial prototype installation being installed in August of 2014 on the central coast of NSW and running without fault ever since, this new ‘wave’ of equipment has proven to be popular with venue patrons - both children and parents.


Comprising a simple ‘ant farm’ style layout, this equipment allows children to climb and play; safely moving up, down and across whilst remaining 100% visible to supervising parents or carers on the ground.


It eschews the traditional ‘levels’ of play that previous generations of equipment employed, and instead uses a cleverly organised ‘random’ layout in which children can easily lose themselves and their friends, relying only on their developing sense of direction (and the guidance and coaching of parents!) to work their way from end to end.


Available with a number of options including three top roof designs, lighting effects, facade panels and décor elements, as well as a number of materials options, a unique design can be customised for your venue using dozens of combinations of options, and an almost endless array of wave layouts.