Adventure Maze


Our Exciting, Graphics Themed Play System

Adventure Maze – An Australian designed, engineered, and most importantly manufactured, play system is the culmination of years of experience and knowledge.

Designed to allow long life and ease of operation, Adventure Maze can easily be refreshed during its life, making it a long term economical winner. The bold appearance and play density mean that you can fit more kids into a smaller space than ever before, maximising the valuable ground space available in venues these days. Cleanable with a hose, adult accessible, made using sturdy and long life AUSTRALIAN MATERIALS, there is nothing that will cause you an ongoing headache.

It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be equipped with a number of specialty packages including but not limited to lighting, shade, and even personalised signage where you can provide your own images for inclusion.

Whether you’re after something bright and vibrant, toned down and subdued, or a wild and imaginative role play theme, ask Goplay about what we can do to help you release your inner child – because if you can do it, then your customers surely can too!

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