This is Goplay

How can we make custom playgrounds that have the WOW factor, 10/10 creativity and ooze magic, for as many people as possible? That’s what we ask ourselves each day. That’s why you’re here, reading about how great we are.

Founded by Chris West.

Goplay was founded by the man, the myth, the legend, Chris West. Did you know he designed the first Australian McDonald’s Playgrounds? You should just see the designs he does in his spare time! Wacky and wild is his middle name.

Innovative, wonderful and fun.

We are the personal trainers of the playground industry. We will help you achieve your goals.

Not by shouting at you at 7am but by exceeding your expectations and maybe adding a giant dragon head to your custom design. We deliver more than just a product, we want this to be a fun, comfortable and friendly experience.

5 facts we love about ourselves:

  • 1. Our playgrounds are proudly Australian designed and manufactured.
  • 2. We have over 30 years of experience (!!) We know playgrounds like we know your favourite fruit is mango.
  • 3. We used to be called The One Stop Playground Shop.
  • 4. Goplay is family operated, born and raised testing our slides, panels and activities.
  • 5. Everyone at Goplay is fluent in Japanese and can juggle (no).

Who do we provide playgrounds for?

Restaurants . Hospitals . Day Care Center's . Camping Grounds . Resorts . Sports Clubs . RSL Clubs . Zoo’s Retirement Village’s . Retail Stores . Shopping Centre's . Pubs . Schools . Food Chains . Backyards . Homes You. 



Frequently Asked Questions

From playgrounds to where you left your keys, our FAQs are such know-it-alls.

How do I know if I need a playground?

You silly turtle, of course you need a playground! Want more families to come to your business? Grandparents and all? Want them to spend more time at your facility? Want to be the go-to local? Just won the lottery and your new backyard is just too big? Sick of walking down the stairs and prefer to slide? Need a giant slide to use as a laundry shoot? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you probably need a playground.

If I want a playground, where do I start?

Well well well. You’ve come to the right place. Hear that knock on your door? That’s our sales rep. Oh, no didn’t hear it? Give us a call or email us and we will send someone out! They will have a chat to see what you like, what your budget is, measure up your space and then fly away on their magic carpet to whip up some designs. It’s that simple!

What would play equipment do for my business?

Other than be the best thing that ever happened to it? Let’s see. You will expand your customer base! Be able to post it all over social media! Get amazing google reviews about how great the playground is! Have parents stay for an extra lemonade (or two) while their kids are distracted! You will also officially be on the list of the best playgrounds in Australia that parents live by.

How do I know if there's room at my venue?

You see that 2m x 2m square in the back? That’s a playground now. That 2nd level deck? Yep, that has a 6m spiral slide now. See that tiny mouse that lives in the dumpster out back? There’s even a playground for him. We are playground extraordinaires! We can work with the smallest, weirdest spaces.

How long till I get the playground after I order?

Depends on how much you’ve bribed the freight company. But usually around 6 weeks!

Intergalactic customers: 200-500 years.

Do I have to choose from an existing design?

Look, we could do this but then our designers would have way too much free time on their hands. We just can’t have that. We love creating new, magical, adventurous playgrounds! We will even create new products just for you! So if you really like an existing design we can do that, otherwise we can work with your ideas and come up with something completely different.

I am a large horse and don’t know how I got on this website?

Get outta here you crazy galloper! Shoo!